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It’s easy to forget about your property’s plumbing—until a plumbing problem arises. When this happens, your plumbing quickly becomes the only thing you can think about. Fortunately, Cardinal Plumbing is here to provide fast and effective solutions for all your plumbing problems. We’re proud to be a trusted name when it comes to home plumbing repair in San Jose, CA, and the South Bay Area. With us on your side, you’ll never again need to worry about clogged drains, mysterious leaks, and broken pipes. We’re your one-stop plumbing repair shop.

Pipe Repair Service

Here at Cardinal Plumbing, we’re frequently called upon to offer our unparalleled pipe repair and sewer pipe repair services. Homeowners appreciate that they can trust us to repair their pipes efficiently when the unexpected happens. By handling these problems quickly and correctly, we’re able to prevent even more costly damage in the future.

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Don’t hesitate to contact us today for the information you need—whether you’re experiencing a plumbing emergency or simply have a quick question. Regardless of what you’re dealing with, our plumbing professionals are always available to provide the guidance that you need. Call or message us today for more information about any of our plumbing services.